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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

30th June 2019. I remember it like yesterday.

We arrived in 2 vehicles. First, a Pajero with Old Car Trailer Towing the "Track Car" the second, a Holden WM Statesman towing a Box trailer with all the goodies like spare tyres, Jacks, Car Stands and a whole heap of consumables.

The First run around Queensland Raceway was exciting. Fitted with Bob Jane All Rounders, we could only manage a 1m 46sec Lap. Tyres squealing around every turn and at their limit and just like that, 15 minutes was completed. I got out of the vehicle with a smile from ear to ear eager to find out the times. I wanted to go faster.

Second session came, and another driver hopped in. The 2nd driver was probably 60kgs lighter than myself and it showed. The second driver managed to get the vehicle into the 1m 43sec bracket and again, just like that, the session ended. It was fun... being able to drive fast and without much danger.

Before we went out on the next session, I put on some 10 year old, very very well worn second hand tyres which were semi-slicks. Even with the age of the tyre being past the recommended dates and the fact it had little to no tread, I were able to get the vehicle into the high 1m 30second barrier. I was pumped. The excitement I felt could not be explained. I didn't care that I was being passed my other cars..... I was on a race track racing my car.

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