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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

In 2019, The RACECAR went through a substantial do-over after having a lucky escape at Lakeside Raceway. Coming under the old Dunlop Bridge and into Hungry Corner, a brand new race tyre shreaded off the rim and our "Green VY" nearly ran about 200m along the fence line into the tyres. Luckly enough, the driver at the time, Barry Bugden" kept it off the wall. Barry ended up in the middle of the track, unable to continue.

We eventually got back to the pit lane after swapping tyre with a spare. We then did some running repairs and made a very ROOKIE mistake! We never popped the bonnet after the initial incident and were quickly notified once we returned back to the track. Smoke was pouring out from under the car and we were black flagged. Once we were towed back to the pits, we popped the bonnet to find that the battery had dislodged, ripped off PS line, and oil was flowing onto exhaust manifold. Our day was DONE!

We then took our time to start preparing the vehicle for some visual "Upgrades". Over the next couple of months, we save money, then spent it purchasing Bodykit from

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