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Where it All Started! Here is a little more about where we started and on a very tight Budget.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The humble begin of the NOW racecar started back in September 2017. To be honest, this project was never going to be what it is today. This $1000 Holden Commodore V6 Manual was purchased to race in the "Lemons 24 hour", This was going to be a fun project that we could run and have a bit of fun. So, we started to strip out the car and follow the criteria as specified by the rules.

The rules for Lemons 24 Hours were clear but at the same time, didn't seem achieveable based on the costs of items needed to have vehicle to their specifications.

Now endurance racing is difficult - if conventional motorsport has highs and lows, endurance racing has peaks and valleys. It's the ultimate test of man and machine, pushing them both to their physical limits. So, buy a car for $1,000 or less, outfit it with safety equipment, then put it through 24 hours of nonstop mechanical torture? How difficult could it possibly be?

The 24 Hours of Lemons is an idea that began in the United States and arrived in Australia in 2016. It's solely intended to be a low-cost endurance racing event. The ‘lemons' signify the lemon of an automobile you've undoubtedly obtained to perform the job, with the race lasting 24 hours.

The idea is straightforward:

1. Assemble a team of drivers (4 or more)

2. Purchase a vehicle that is suitable for the work.

3. Install the necessary safety equipment.

4. Drive it until it dies or you complete the mission (and if breaks then fix it and keep going)


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